Useful Tips for Traveling Around the World

Visitors of this page are most likely travelers, so i decided to include a post where some tips will be provided for traveling. These tips might not be new to those who have frequently traveled, but I am pretty sure that first timers will be interested in the things listed here.

To start these tips on travelling the world…

Allow me to share with you an infographic I was able to find online. It talks about buying a plane ticket, packing and what to do when you arrive on your destination. Please take your time to learn things from this illustration.


I did some reach online to find some useful tips when it comes to buying airline tickets. Allow me to share these with you all.

  • Be sure to book your flight 7-8 weeks in advance. This will give you a chance to find flight with great deals. This also helps to avoid last minute rush.
  • Itinerary should be set first.
  • Learn when cost of flight are cheaper. Thus, it requires you to be flexible when you travel. You should be alright to go on days when cost is low. Aside from being flexible when you travel, you also should have a flexible flight route.

Addition: Here are sites where you could find cheap airline tickets: Wego, Skyscanner, Expedia, Kayak and Hipmunk.

They say that when traveling, the biggest challenge is packing your bag. Here are what some travelers suggest.

  • Before starting to pack, be to it that you write a checklist of all essential items you need.
  • Fill all empty spaces with underwear, socks and belts.
  • Roll your clothes. This practice is already proven to save space and it prevents any crease on clothes.
  • As much as possible, wear your bulkiest items.
  • For women, this is a good time to drop your shoe obsession, only take with you what you need.
  • Don’t let other people pack your things.
  • Don’t forget that there is also some space on your shoes. So if you have to bring 2 pair of shoes, make use of the space there.
  • Use one bag only.
  • Avoid packing on the last minute. This would certainly be a mess.
  • Since most travelers want to pack light, go for wheel-less bags. Those with wheels tempts you to carry more.


Best Family Boutique Hotels in Spain

Planning a family vacation in Spain? Though there are dozens of boutique hotels in Spain, only a few utilize the space they have to offer guests the ultimate holiday experience. In the hospitality industry, it is one thing to design a contemporary hotel and a different thing to deliver a great experience to guests. So, if you are visiting Spain, keep in mind that not all accommodation in Spain is created equal. Here are top 5 boutique hotels Spain that meet high standards of design and offer excellent services:

Hotel Viura, La Rioja


Hotel Viura is tucked in the village of Villabuena de Alava in the wine-producing region of La Rioja. The hotel comprises of superimposed luxury cubes punctuated by French windows that give guests unhindered views of the stunning views of the wine country.

Here you will interact with wine makers who will help you to appreciate the wine-making process as they take you round the vine yards and show you techniques used in harvesting the grapes. You will also have a chance to attend the hotel’s wine-pairing dinner where you will get the opportunity to enjoy the menu paired with wines from the region.

If you fancy riding or walking, this is the place to be. The local vineyards offer the perfect cycling and walking environment. In this region, contemporary architecture is designed to fit in with the rural surroundings and a bike ride or walk around the area is the best way to explore the land.

The Principal Madrid, Madrid


This is the most recent addition on Madrid’s main thorough fare and has already made it to the list of the Best Urban Hotel in Wallpaper magazine. The Principal Madrid Hotel occupies a 1917 landmark building and features all the amenities of a luxurious 5 star hotel. Its exclusive entrance, the 76 elegantly appointed rooms, stunning rooftop terrace on the 7th floor and the penthouse on the 6th floor are reasons enough not to miss discovering this newly renovated building.

The hotel’s rooftop terrace and the penthouse offer guests the best views of downtown Madrid. Here, you can sip a cocktail, soak up the sun in the Solarium or order from the menu put together by Ramon Freixa. You can also head for the Wellness Suite and enjoy the pleasures of the sauna and the massage room.

Hotel V, Andalusia

Hotel V, Andalusia

Hotel Vejer de la Frontera fondly known as Hotel V, sits on top of one of the most beautiful white washed villages in Andalusia. This intimate 12-bedroom getaway is among the few excellent Spanish boutique hotels with customized luxury and exclusive, elegant services. Tucked in the village of Vejer de la Frontera, the hotel is an enchanting getaway located in southern Spain .Here, time stands still as romance embraces you.

The 12 guestroom hotel offer truly intimate atmosphere where history blends with modern amenities. Guests can sip a cocktail on the terrace as they take in the views of the Atlantic Ocean and the stirring landscape. Alternatively, you can indulge in a spa treatment or allow the friendly staff to help you arrange a variety of special activities such as kite surfing and hunting.

Hotel Iturregi


The 6-guestrooms and two suites hotel feels more like a villa getaway in the countryside compared to a boutique hotel. Tucked among the txakoli vineyards, the hotel’s large windows offer guests excellent views of the Getari lighthouse and the entire Basque coast.

Inturregi’s interior seamlessly combines classic styles with modernity to usher guests into tranquility among nature. From outside, the hotel blends naturally into the surrounding scenery while its swimming pool, built over the ruins of the Iturregi farmhouse offer guests the perfect place to relax.

Here, you can enjoy the perfect gourmet experience, get a relaxing Ongietorri massage or head out to the Balenciaga Museum.

Atrio, Caceres

Atrio, Caceres

Atrio is derived from the Spanish word for atrium meaning a central element of traditional Mediterranean architectural design dating back to antiquity. The word is also used to denote the heart of the family home in the Iberian world and the culminating point of all pathways from the realms of intimacy to the celebration of shared experience.

Atrio is located in Cáceres near Spain’s border with Portugal. The hotel offers international culinary experience and hospitality which makes it a legendary destination for the seasoned gourmet traveler.

Atrio, unlike the other boutique hotels Spain listed above is basically a restaurant featuring hotel rooms. Here, everything has been meticulously designed to offer guests the ultimate out-of-the-way experience using a combination of architecture interwoven with colors and textures. The hotel’s interior unfolds in well-coordinated spaces that express a natural sense of tranquility and places the guests in the epicenter of imaginary as well as artful play.

If you wanted to check reviews about these hotels, please check Trip Advisor’s Top Luxury Hotels in Spain.