Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao: Guest Review

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


by Katerina-moraitaki


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It is a luxury hotel with a magnificent view to the Guggenheim museum. Since it is literally right opposite to the museum, the prices are quite high but I do not regret paying for this hotel. The staff is very friendly; the rooms are really clean so the money is well spent. The breakfast is not included in the price and it is quite expensive. During my stay I tried it once and it was really nice since the view from the terrace is wonderful. I was really lucky because when I was looking for accommodation in Bilbao, I found a great offer for this hotel.

Accommodation Style

I travelled to Gran Hotel Domine in Bilbao with my boyfriend since it was our third anniversary. Usually I prefer budget hotels since I am mostly interested in exploring the city rather than staying in a luxury hotel. This time I chose a luxury hotel and I did not regret it. The amazing view and the small surprises that can be organized by the staff make this hotel ideal for couples and those who wish to travel in order to celebrate a special occasion. Also, it is suitable for group of friends who are interested in the architecture and the nice view that the hotel offers. Also, this hotel is really quite so I would say that it is ideal for those who prefer some privacy instead of a noisy place to stay. The hotel itself is quite small, so was the room that I stayed, but since we were just the two of us I did not have any problem with that. The service was really nice and all the staff members were really helpful. I would suggest choosing a room that has a view to the beautiful museum, since the view is really breathtaking and especially during the night. I really appreciated the small “treats” that the staff left for us, like biscuits and pillow sprays.

Food & Drinks


The breakfast of the hotel is served in the terrace. It is available not only for the guests of the hotel but also for those who wish to admire the great view. There is a great variety of local dishes, juices and pastries. Everything was really delicious.

Le Café

This restaurant is open almost all day. There are limited breakfast options available there, since it is mostly open for lunch and dinner. There are both set menus and a la carte options that will satisfy every guest. Also, it operates as a cafeteria for those who want to enjoy their beverage or coffee.

Sixty-One Bar

It is a large bar with many different areas like a sofa area with tables, a work area with Wi- Fi (it is free) and of course the main bar. The areas are well organized and can be used for meetings or gatherings. There I tried a very nice cocktail with some amazing snacks.

Room Service

If you are really lazy or if you do not want to eat with the others, the room service can bring you a variety of dishes in your room. Although it is really convenient, the food served in the other restaurants is far better and it is really worthy gazing at the amazing view of the terrace while you enjoy your breakfast.

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The location of the hotel is great since it is surrounded by many local attractions, so you will not need to use the local transportation very often. Even if you need to travel outside the center of Bilbao, the metro station is very close to the hotel.

Guggenheim and Fine Arts Museums

As said before, most rooms of the Gran Hotel Domine overlook at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. It is a unique building of great architecture that is located right opposite of the Gran Hotel Domine and along the Nervion river. It is one of the most famous attractions of Bilbao that is why it is usually very busy. Before you visit it, take a look on the type of the exhibits that you will find there  during your stay in Bilbao since the exhibitions change often.

Iberdola Tower

It is a skyscraper that was built recently (it was completed in 2012). Most floors are used as offices and other floors are used by a hotel. It is the tallest building of Bilbao and the whole Basque Country, so it is definitely worth visiting.

Euskalduna Palace

If you are interested into exploring the arts of the Bilbao, be sure to check the Euskalduna Palace. There are plenty of concerts, theatre plays and operas organized there and it is a great example of the local culture and history. It is very close to the hotel and the building is very beautiful and imposing.

Shopping area

If you love shopping as much as I do, you will be amazed by the number of shops that are available near the hotel. The main shopping street is less than five minutes away from the hotel. It has plenty of international stores but there are also many local shops with a variety of souvenirs, clothes and everything else you might need to purchase.  It is the perfect place to purchase all the souvenirs and small presents that you need for you and your friends. Even if you are not into shopping, do not miss a stroll in the picturesque shopping streets.

Metro Station

At a short distance from the hotel, approximately 6 minutes of walking, there is the Moyua Metro station. From there you can visit other tourist attractions of Bilbao and the ticket price is really low. Just make sure to check the timetables and the routes since the routes are not very frequent.


The Bilbao Airport is only 15 km away from the hotel. It was really helpful for us since we did not want to rent a car for a just a few days. We just took a taxi and we did not pay much for this ride. It is a small airport but it is really well organized and you will not have any issue with the transportation from there.

Guest rating (9/10)

Everything was really nice and I am perfectly satisfied from my stay in this hotel. The only that I did not really like is that there is not a wide selection of wines available. I really enjoy a good wine with my food and I would love trying a local wine in this hotel.