Top 10 boutique hotels in Spain

Monday, February 26, 2018

Maheen Ahmed

by Maheen Ahmed

A hotel incorporated with boutique style atmosphere usually has a prime location that is generally far away from tourist grid and offers premium services moreover, it also has an air of sophistication and uniqueness around it. For some people, the best boutique hotel is also the one equipped with the best and tasteful artwork appealing people with a taste for primitive or classic art forms. One of the best boutique hotels in the world are usually the ones that are owned independently and decorated with classiest of pieces and paintings. Around the world, there are a plethora of hotels that have termed themselves as “boutique hotel” and they have really managed to showcase their classic tendencies of decorating a world class boutique hotel. Tourist with a flavor of staying at world-class boutique hotels usually always look for the best boutique hotels. The top 10 boutique hotels in the world are usually equipped with the same classic outlook that attracts people, predominantly those who want to stay off the grid from the mainstream tourist locations. Spain is a prime tourist location is filled with a plethora of boutique hotel offering amazing services to tourists. From exotic locations in Barcelona to the exquisite island of Tenerife, all these areas are equipped with one of the finest boutique hotels. They offer premium services in a decent environment. The sophistication of the rooms has attracted plenty of tourists, here is a list of top 10 boutique hotels in Spain.

ABaC boutique hotel 

ABaC boutique hotel is located in the beautiful location of Tibidabo and tourist can easily get a breathtaking view of Barcelona while staying there. The services offered by this particular boutique hotel are decent and the prices are affordable, therefore while planning your trip to Spain this is definitely a place to look out for if you have a taste for boutique hotels. It can easily be regarded as one of the finest boutique hotels in Spain.

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 Aire Hotel & Ancient Baths


It is located in the center of Almeria, this boutique hotel has a premium importance as it offers a mesmerizing view of the Alcazaba Fortress. This boutique hotel is considered an ideal location for tourists looking to visit the city’s main attractions. It is renovated on a 19th-century building with a combination of old charm and modern chic decorations. The rooms are individually decorated and adorned with comfortable furniture and special amenities.

Alondra Villas & Suites


Located in a prime location of Canary Island, this boutique hotel is regarded as one of the best boutique hotels in Spain. This hotel is just a walk away from the main beach. Alondra Villas & Suites offers 38 spacious rooms and an outdoor swimming pool with an exotic garden equipped with beautiful palm trees. All the rooms are incorporated with private kitchen and a bathroom moreover, all the rooms have everything a guest might need for a relaxing day by the beach.

Anba Bed & Breakfast Deluxe

This boutique hotel is located in a location that is ideal for people hoping to visit the Picasso Museum, the Ramblas, and Barceloneta. Metro and train station are just a mile walk from the hotel, therefore providing guests with the ease of traveling around the city. The breakfast at the hotel has a varied buffet including fresh juices. The tea and bar service is complimentary for all guests.

Antidoto Rooms

This boutique hotel is located in the historic center of Toledo. It is built on the remains of Roman and Islamic foundations, therefore giving it historic vibes with a classy décor appealing people with a taste for a unique historical setting.

Antiguo Casino Hotel

This boutique hotel in Spain is located in a place that was once a point for people looking for entertainment and refreshments. The owner of the hotel modernized and refreshed the outlook and converted into a magnificent looking hotel providing bed, breakfast and affordable accommodation in the historic town of Pravia.

Aparthotel Arai

This boutique hotel in Spain is incorporated with a Gothic design and offers luxurious accommodation in Barcelona. The exclusively decorated rooms are adorned with the finest materials inspired by the stone walls of the eighteenth century. Highlights of this boutique hotel include the fabulous artwork showcased in the meeting room.


Finca Atalis has a touch of serenity in it, located in the countryside very near to the most beautiful beaches of Menorca offering tourists a walk by the beach. It provides a peaceful and calm environment to its guests providing them the opportunity to experience the sight of the beautiful island, being very near to nature. Guests can stroll around, do horse riding and enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the beaches. The hotel comprises of just 10 rooms which reassure that they are given individualized services with great attention and a homely feeling.

Atrio Restaurante Hotel

Atrio Restaurante Hotel with its five-star accommodation, located near to a cathedral and provides a historic experience to its guests with a beautiful ambiance. It’s two Michelin-star cuisines is an important part of the hotel which provides one of the finest items in its dining hall. Guests at the hotel can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the splendid terrace and in the patio garden, a serene time during their stay. While, beverages, snacks, and fine wines are served at all times during the day.

BacHome Barcelona B&B

This hotel is just a few blocks ahead of the most historic and emblematic building in Barcelona. It is an ideal location for tourist seeking to explore this magnificent city. The modernist construction of this boutique hotel is to die for. You can literally explore the city on the foot as all the major historic attractions are near to the hotel. The elegantly decorated rooms and suites are spacious and equipped with a wide range of amenities such as a flat screen and an internet connection.

Spain is not limited to these boutique hotels; these are just some of the best boutique hotels offering premium services in a sophisticated environment at affordable rates. So on your next trip to Spain do give yourself a change and stay at one of these hotels to experience enigma.